The Multi Unit Developments Act 2011 came into effect on the 1st April 2011. The aim of the act is to regulate the ownership and management of the common areas of multi unit developments i.e. hallways, stairwells, outdoor areas etc. The act also provides for the establishment of Owner Management Companies (OMC’s) to manage such areas.

A multi unit development refers to a development where there is at least 5 residential units with shared facilities, amenities and services. The majority of multi units developments are apartment complexes, however the Act also covers groups of houses that share common facilities and that have an Owners Management Company in place.

The Act also offers some provisions in regard to multi unit developments with two to four residential units and also to mixed residential and commercial developments to a certain extent.

Further information of the MUD Act 2011 can be found at


The PSRA was established by the Government in 2012. The objective of the PSRA is to control and regulate all Property Service Providers (PSP’s) in Ireland i.e. Auctioneer’s, Estate Agent’s, Property Management Agents etc. Under the Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011, all PSP’s must be licenced in order to operate. The PSRA also offers a dispute service where they receive complaints relating to PSP’s and carry out investigations in relation to these complaints. Further information on the PSRA and on the Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011 can be found at