Our team of estate agents in Dublin 6W would like to share findings from recent reports with you. They want to look at what is happening in the property market countrywide and in particular in south Dublin. Let’s see what they have to say.

Good news for people thinking of selling property in Dublin!

The property market is demonstrating steady growth with prices up in Ireland. A recent report is showing an overall increase in price by 3% this year. Earlier reports show the average property price in Ireland coming in at €261,000. This latest report is also showing steady growth.

It is the 23rd quarter which is portraying an increase on the previous year’s average house price. The figures released in this quarter show that prices increased by 2.8% in the year up to May.

Market showing house price increase in south Dublin & across the capital

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Overall Dublin prices are on the rise. This is good news for people considering selling now. The increase is a small one, but it is showing that the market is stable and fetching good returns. Currently Q2 property reports by daft show a 2.9% increase in Dublin property prices as a whole.

North City prices are up 2.2% while prices in North County Dublin have risen by 1.6%. West County prices are up by 1.2% and South County prices are up 0.1%. South City prices have risen 0.9%. The City Centre has also had an increase, with the average property price having risen by 0.4%.

The average property price in South County Dublin is currently at €600,002. All areas are selling strong and giving good returns. With great demand for housing in South Dublin plus a high number of mortgage approvals being granted, business is thriving.

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Our recent property sales in south Dublin

Henry Wiltshire has had some fantastic house sales in the Dublin lately. Our estate agents in Terenure cover the south Dublin area and have been exceptionally busy. We have recently sold a beautiful property in Stepaside, Dublin 18. The property, No. 15 Belarmine Hall had an AMV of €315,000 and fetched a price in excess of asking.

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