Questions about selling a Dublin property with a tenancy agreement often comes up in our day to day business. Our estate agents in Dublin City Centre would like to address the issue of selling when you are already renting out your property.

Legislation for landlords who wish to sell a property with a tenancy agreement

This question brings us on to the topic of new legislation for landlords & tenants brought in by the Residential Tenancies Board in recent times. When you are considering selling a property with a tenant there are many considerations to mull over.

Notice periods have been increased and gone are the days where a landlord can simply give a tenant thirty days’ notice in writing when the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up outside the property.

Notice periods extended

Avoid costly mistakes by knowing the correct notice period you need to give

Notices must be correct for the letter of the law to be complied with in all cases. Failure to give the correct notice will invalidate the notice period given. A landlord will then have to re-issue the notice documentation. This can be a costly mistake and can be avoided by knowing the correct notice period you need to give. They will all depend upon the length of time a tenant is in residence.

For example, for tenancies that have been in place for not less than six months but less than one year, 90 days is enough notice to give. Likewise, for tenancies not less than eight years, 224 days’ notice must be given. It is a sliding scale and it must be adhered to. For further information a visit to RTB’s website will give you all the information you will need

Are you a landlord in Dublin City or Docklands?

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