Our team of estate agents in Terenure were asked a question recently. Does selling a property with planning permission increase its value? Here’s what they had to say on the matter.

Does your South Dublin property have development potential?

If you are considering selling your home in South Dublin and there is potential for planning permission, then it is worth investigating. An initial investigation by an architect or surveyor might be well worth the fee. They can look at whether there is development potential and they will know what is likely to be approved in your area. The person you instruct will check the planning department in South Dublin County Council and will do a thorough inspection of the site for you.

Exploring all avenues after a positive planning outcome

If they find that there is a likelihood of planning being obtained you then have some options to consider. These options will depend upon what is likely to be approved by the planning department.

Planning for a separate house could provide you with income from two sales

Planning for a separate property on the plot

If a separate dwelling is an option, for example a house or even two, on a plot to the side of your property, then it could be well worth obtaining planning approval.  You would have to engage a solicitor to separate the site from your own. You should then be able to sell the site with planning after it has been approved and sell your own home separately. This would be a superb outcome, providing you with income from two sales in the long run.

Weighing up your options for an adjoining house or extension

If an adjoining house or an extension is what would be feasible then you may need to consider your options. A careful weighing up of costs would be needed. The cost of applying for planning for an extension might far outweigh the price increase you may get by having the approval in place. In this case knowing it is an option may be enough to entice potential purchasers to do the legwork themselves at a future date.

Likewise, if there is an option for attaching a house to the original property this may prove difficult. In order for these plans to go through some modifications may need to happen to the original house. The costs and fees may make this option a non-runner. Again, the knowledge that it is an option in the future can entice some purchasers to look more favourably on your property when shopping around.

Considering selling your South Dublin home?

If you have a home in the greater Dublin area you are considering selling, please give our team of estate agents in Henry Wiltshire a call today. We can answer any questions you might have on selling with or without planning and can talk you through your options. Our sales valuations are free. Give us a call today and have a member of our team call out to you.

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