When a loved one dies it is an extremely stressful time for all concerned. Administering the estate of the deceased can become an overwhelming experience at a very difficult time. Here at Henry Wiltshire, we can try to alleviate some of the strain of this process for you and navigate the challenges ahead.

Executor Guide

An executor is appointed to deal with the deceased’s estate. They likewise distribute it in accordance with the will and the law. An executor must take out a grant of probate. The probate office will certify that the will is valid and that all tax, legal and financial affairs are in order. This grant will then allow the estate to be divided and distributed as intended.


A Probate Valuation must be provided. It is the value of the property on the date of the deceased’s passing. Access to the property must be provided to carry out a full and honest valuation. Meeting face to face is also a good opportunity to ask us any questions you may have. It can equally put you at ease.

An executor will need other items alongside a valuation to make a probate application. An original will, a list of assets and a copy of the death certificate are included. You will also need an Inland Revenue affidavit to show the deceased’s tax position along with details of any debt the deceased may have had and the PPS numbers of all involved (deceased plus all beneficiaries or next of kin). It can be a daunting task, but a solicitor usually assists with this aspect of the process.

Henry Wiltshire Sales/After Sales Service

With every sale, whether it is Probate or not, our agent is with you at every turn. There will be no extra stress by having too many people to deal with. We will discuss marketing the property, preparation of the property for sale and how to stage the property to maximise the impact on potential purchasers.

Furthermore, during the sale we will keep you informed on viewings and all offers as and when they come in. It is in all our best interests to keep you informed promptly and we are only too aware you also have a grieving family to revert to. Together, we will work towards achieving the best outcome within the best time frame. After the sale has been agreed we will liaise with bank valuers, surveyors, solicitors and purchasers and keep you informed of what stage the process is at until completion.

Contact us for more information about our Probate Sales service

Henry Wiltshire will be with you every step of the way. We have the knowledge, experience and proficiency to help you during this difficult time. Give us a call today and we would be more than happy to talk to you with no obligation.

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