How to close a house sale quickly – a guide from our Dublin estate agents

16 November 2018

If you are selling your home and have accepted an offer, you might think you can relax. But there is a lot to do and time can be of the essence during this very busy period.

Henry Wiltshire’s guide on the ins and outs on closing a property sale will help you secure a speedy closing on your house sale.

A good time to sell your property in Terenure

02 November 2018

With autumn traditionally being a busy time for property sales in Dublin, Henry Wiltshire’s Terenure estate agents take a look at how the market has been doing in the local area.

We have mortgage-approved buyers ready to buy, so if you’re thinking of selling a house or apartment in Terenure contact us to see what you could achieve!

Henry Wiltshire’s Guide to Probate Sales

10 October 2018

When a loved one dies it is an extremely stressful time for all concerned. Administering the estate of the deceased can become an overwhelming experience at a very difficult time. Here at Henry Wiltshire, we can try to alleviate some of the strain of this process for you and navigate the challenges ahead.