Do you own or rent a property within the Dublin city vicinity? Recent research by Henry Wiltshire has suggested that vacant parking spaces in various Dublin city centre locations are being rented out for up to €4,200 per year, a figure which is not to be ignored.

Contact our Dublin letting agents to see how much additional income your parking space could bring in.

If you have a parking space which you don’t utilise to its full potential, these additional funds can go a long way towards paying down both mortgage debt or your monthly rent.

Letting parking spaces as a Dublin landlord

If you are a landlord in Dublin, it can be incredibly beneficial to offer parking spaces to let separately to your rental units. More and more city inhabitants are going car-less, so it’s very possible that your tenants may not have the need for a parking space, as has been our experience with some of our recent property lets in the Dublin Docklands area.

While there are very few potential issues to run into when you own the property, bar perhaps management company restrictions, it’s important that if you are renting your property that you inform your landlord of your potential intent to let out the vacant space, as you are technically subletting a portion of their property, which may be disallowed under the terms of your lease.

How much income could my Dublin parking space make?

To discover just how much your parking space may be worth in additional income, or to list your space with us, contact your nearest Henry Wiltshire office:

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