If you are a landlord in Dublin or Leinster, our experienced letting agents at Henry Wiltshire can advise you on complying with the Minimum Housing Standards that aim to “ensure that properties tenants are renting are safe, efficient, durable and comfortable”.

What are the Minimum Housing Standard regulations for rental properties?

Since 2008, the Minimum Housing Standards have addressed specific requirements for rented properties, and new regulations introduced by Housing Minister Simon Coveney came into effect on the 1st July 2017. From the outset, the principle behind these laws was to establish a base point of modern living conditions and facilities to be provided by landlords, including the right to hot water, adequate cooking and laundry facilities and a private bathroom.

Now, the latest amendment builds on that by primarily focusing on the element of safety, with a particular emphasis on fire prevention or protection and heating. The Housing Minister said the regulations “aim to ensure that properties tenants are renting are safe, efficient, durable and comfortable”.

How does the latest amendment affect Dublin landlords?

Applying to both private and local authority housing, the provision of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are the more significant directives, with Fire Blankets also required in all homes. Standalone houses can have a 10-year battery operated smoke alarm, but there must be one on each floor. However, “multi-unit” buildings – apartments and houses that have been split into flats, must have mains-wired fire detection and alarm system for each flat, and in the common areas, in line with the Fire Protection Acts.

A new regulation has been included to prevent people falling from windows and states that safety restrictors must be fitted to limit the size of the opening of windows located more than 1.4m above ground level. The responsibility for protecting homes against rats and mice has also switched from the tenant to the landlord. Additionally, a loophole that allowed the use of certain types of bedsits has also now been addressed with the stipulation requiring bathrooms to be contained within the same habitable space.

Are you a Dublin landlord? See how Henry Wiltshire can help you

As a landlord or tenant, being aware and up-to-date of these laws can be a challenge, but the qualified and experienced staff at Henry Wiltshire are well positioned to help provide sound advice in this regard. For more information on this topic and the services we provide please see browse our website or contact your local office.

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