With market demand for rental properties at an all-time high and rents across the country up, our letting agents in Saggart look at why it is a strong time to let your property in Dublin.

There is a shortage of properties to rent with not nearly enough supply to meet demand. The government is trying to come up with strategies to aid the housing process. In the meantime, private landlords are our main source of rental supply. When done properly, the agent, landlord and tenant arrangement can work extremely well for all concerned.

A good time to let Dublin property with rents up across the board

When done properly, the arrangement between landlord, tenant and agent can work extremely well for all concerned.

Renting in Dublin is a booming business currently. Rents throughout Ireland are up, with a nationwide average increase of 11.3% to September 2018.

Dublin rents are up 10.9% year-on-year and the average rent for the country is coming in at €1,334 euro per month. This is ranging from the lowest rate in Leitrim of €577 per month to South County Dublin, which is averaging at €2,156 per month. The big cities have risen rapidly with Limerick up by an astonishing 20.3% this year.

As a landlord you will follow the market and if you have a property you are considering letting, it is definitely a good time.

Managing your investment properties

Of course, owning an investment property isn’t just about putting tenants in and sitting back to relax. You must be registered with the PRTB if you are considering becoming a landlord.  Many other factors come into play including taxes, finances, insurance and health and safety. Tenant screening, management, ongoing maintenance and property repairs are also to be considered.

The decision to use the property management services of a local letting agent can take a huge amount of the burden away from you. They can concentrate on dealing with the necessary while still allowing you to be a successful and professional landlord.

Considering letting a property in Dublin?

If you have a property you wish to let or if you would like to consider buying with a view to letting, give our team in Henry Wiltshire a call. We offer a full range of letting and property management services for Dublin landlords. We would love to talk to you and have a team of experts on hand to help.

We also have special limited time offers for landlords in Dublin that include 5% let fee and full management fee €75 per month. Give us a call today, our expert team are at the other end of the line.

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