Are you thinking about renting out a house or apartment in Kildare? Our letting agents in Newbridge look at the local rental market and discuss why now is a great time for landlords in Kildare to let their property.

Good news for landlords in Kildare

Latest figures show that rents increased by over 8% nationally in 2019. Outside of the Dublin area these increases sit at roughly 9% and the amount of rental properties asking a monthly rental price of over €1500 has likewise increased.

This reality is based on several circumstances. Small investors are weighing up their options and some are choosing to leave the market. New restrictions on landlords have caused a lot of incidental landlords to walk away. There have not been as many landlords replacing those that have sold, leaving rental stock at an all-time low, and opening up new opportunities in the market for landlords.

A great time to let property in Newbridge and Kildare

We have tenants who are vetted, available and ready to go!

Now is a great time for landlords in Kildare to rent out that house or apartment. We have vetted tenants available and ready to go. Competition in the market has meant that renters have all of their documentation and deposits in order. They simply need to find that property.

The standard of properties to rent has increased overall and high quality properties will attract desirable high-quality tenants. The exodus of a lot of smaller landlords has given the professional landlord a better stake in the market. This also means a better service for the tenant, resulting in a win-win situation.

Living in Newbridge

Newbridge is a fantastic Kildare town with plenty of culture and history. As a commuter town it is also only a short distance into Dublin by bus, car or rail, giving you the best of both worlds if you work in the city centre.

There is a real sense of community here and plenty to do.  The Whitewater Shopping Centre is a fantastic place to go for a spot of retail therapy or a trip to the cinema. If you fancy a stroll there are plenty of beautiful walks to try, including a stunning riverside stroll and the town has every amenity and facility you would need.

Do you have a property to let in Newbridge?

If you are considering letting a property in Kildare, we have a number of tenants that are vetted and ready to go at short notice. Get in touch with us to see what rent you could achieve for your Kildare property. We also provide a superb property management service across Kildare which takes the hassle out of it for you.

Get in touch with our team today about your rental needs, or find out more about our services for landlords.

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