How to earn up to €350 per month additional income from your property

03 September 2017

Do you own or rent a property within the Dublin city vicinity? Recent research by Henry Wiltshire has suggested that vacant parking spaces in various Dublin city centre locations are being rented out for up to €4200 per year, a figure which is not to be ignored.

Minimum Housing Standards for Rented Properties

25 August 2017

Since 2008, the Minimum Housing Standards have addressed specific requirements for rented properties, and new regulations introduced by Housing Minister Simon Coveney came into effect on the 1st July 2017. From the outset, the principle behind these laws was to establish a base point of modern living conditions and facilities to be provided by landlords, including the right to hot water, adequate cooking and laundry facilities and a private bathroom.

Now, the latest amendment builds on that by primarily focusing on … Read more ›

Thinking of Investing in Property?

25 August 2017

We’ve all seen the news and read the articles online relating to the shortage of properties available for rent; tales of queues of eager tenants, deposits and references in hand, turning up at rental properties to view, only to be unsuccessful in their endeavour to find a home in their preferred area and more importantly within budget.  It’s common knowledge that it is becoming more and more difficult to secure a rental property in certain parts of the country, which … Read more ›